Solution for Vagrant getting stuck on Enabling and configuring shared folders…

Danish Intro.

Normalt er min blog på Dansk, men dette indlæg vil være på Engelsk, da publikummet for løsningen på problemet jeg oplevede med Vagrant ( vil være et mere internationalt publikum.

My day job is as a Plone web developer working for a local municipality in Denmark, and all my development takes place on my Mac developing and testing up against a Ubuntu LTS server.

While setting up a new Plone installation within one of my VM’s (I use Vmware Fusion rather than the virtual box – Why? Because I use Vmware fusion when I need to run Windows, so I feel at home in Fusion), I decided to upgrade my Ubuntu VM so it had the latest packages and dist-updates. After I did the apt-get dist-upgrade I couldn’t get Vagrant to complete the up command.

Vagrant hangs and fails

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I tried just about everything I could think of, and was about ready to give up on Vmware Fusion, and sftp into the VM and get my data and move it to to a new VirtualBox.

I had tried to install open-vm-tools, no luck, change type of share to nfs. I googled, I IRC’ed and so on.

As a last attempt I decided to uninstall open-vm-tools from the VM, and then reinstall Vmware Tools directly from Vmware Fusion itself.

There is a description here:

Where the steps are:

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After completing the steps I was again able to complete: vagrant up with shared folders.

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